How to sleep during pregnancy?

How to sleep during pregnancy?

This wouldn’t be a question many years ago, since experts did not really cared about it. The only obvious thing was: at one point you cannot sleep on your tummy.
But nowadays  everybody’s saying different things about sleeping 😴 positions. 
Which one is the best?


Experts have said that the best sleep 🛌  position when you’re expecting is on your left side — though your right is also perfectly acceptable. Past your first trimester, it becomes impossible to lie on your stomach for obvious reasons.

They also recommend that you avoid lying flat on your back all night long  - DO NOT worry if you wake up and you are lying on your back, just roll over and you are good!

However, some experts now say that pregnant moms can sleep in any position that's comfortable for them rather than worry too much about it one way or another.

Is the thing - there are a lot of things which are supposed to be a guide in general (like no raw meet 🍣 , no alcohol🍷, etc.), but there are a lot of things and situations where you need to listen to your body and your baby👶🏻.

Again: if you feel anxious about something, always talk to your provider or doctor👩🏼‍⚕️ about it rather than stress yourself.

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