What is Only For Mommies?

You can think of us like a ‘Goodiebox’ - Mom Edition...or just an amazing gift box that contains the most important products for every bigger stages from pregnancy until postpartum.

We also have individual products with the same system - already gathered together by collections, so you don’t need to search - we already did that for you.


What is inside the box 📦 ?

So. Much. Happiness. And. Help.

Our gifts contain many popular pregnant and mom registry items, as well as a few pampering, relieving and essential items sprinkled to keep it exciting for our Mommies.

Can I give Only For Mommies box as a present 🎁?

Of course you can! We don’t know a single new or soon-to-be mommy who would say there is not a good time to recieve a box specially made for that period she is in right now - we devided the pregnancy part for 3 :

- 1st Trimester box - the first 3 month of pregnancy
- 2nd Trimester box - pregnancy at stage 3-6 months
- 3rd Trimester box - the last 3 months of pregnancy (6-9 months)

We have three other boxes for:
- Hospital / Labour box: contains the perfect products which can help relieving with the birth and after
- Postpartum box: this is the time (normally the following 1-2 months after giving birth) when a new mom needs a lot of help, so this is what we included into our boxes.
- Postpartum C-section Recovery box: this is for mommies who gave birth with  Cesarean (or C-section). The box meant to help with the recovery period.

We have a side box as well:

- Nursing Mommy starter kit box: Contains a lot of products which can help with breastfeeding and breast care - such as breast masks, lactation cookies, drinks and teas, nipple creams and so much more!

OFM boxes are great gifts for pregnant and new moms.
Our individual items are also separated by collections, they are also a great help for mommies!


How do I use a Promo Code?

Once you have added a box to your cart, begin checkout and click on the „Discount Code“ option to enter in your promo code.
If you have any difficulties, please send us an e-mail at  📧 info@onlyformommies.com, we’ll help you out :)


Do you ship ✈️ internationally?

We do - in the European Union! Looking for another Europian country? E-mail 📧 info@onlyformommies.com with the address you would like to ship to for a quote!


Can I send this to the mommy directly as a present 🎁 ?

Absolutely! Just enter in her shipping address on the order form. 

How quicly will my box 📦 (or items) arrive?

From the day of your order our team need 1-5 workdays to prepare and ship your box. The shipping time is normally 10-15 business days, so you can find our boxes at your doorsteps within 20 business days.

For our individual items: your products will ship within five days of your order, and then take up to three weeks to reach your doorstep. Each product at OFM has an estimated delivery time (since we collected all the best products for you from different suppliers) that you can find in the product description.


What's your return policy?

Due to the personal nature of the products, we are unable to accept returns. However, if you or her are unsatisfied, or recieve the wrong product, please reach us out at 📧 info@onlyformommies.com to discuss options for making it right.

What about the FREE SHIPPING ✈️?

We do offer FREE SHIPPING on ALL MOMMY BOXES in EU countries, however in this case we can‘t provide you tracking number and we cannot take responsibility for the boxes to arrive. If you would like to have a tracking with your box, PLEASE CHOOSE the TRACKING OPTION at the CHECKOUT


What if this isn’t on her registry?

We are a new company, just launched in the beggining of 2021 💕...so there is a chance she may not have heard about us yet. Rest assured that our boxes and items contain the best quality products for pregnant and new mommies - all items she’ll definitely use during this period.
We’ve heard from houndreds of mommies that this is and incredible gift that they would love to recieve!


Can I cancel my order ❌📦 ?

Cancellations are possible, if you email us to info@onlyformommies.com maximum 24 hours after ordering. Sometimes orders get sent out before we can process the cancelation. So if you cancel your order but still receive the package, then please go ahead and do one of three things: recycle it, donate it, or enjoy it.

Who came up with this idea 💕 and where was it when I was pregnant?!

RIGHT?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Our Founder, Sofia, is the one behind the box. She was looking for this exact thing when she got pregnant in 2020 to get through her nauseous, swollen pregnancy days. She has this thing for goodie boxes (can watch unboxing videos for hours), so she collected all the important products together and placed into our beautiful boxes with this gorgeous design and small details. 


My question isn't on this list, how can I contact someone? 
As we always mention: We Are Here For You! If there is something you would like to ask and could not find the answer for it yet, just send us an e-mail to 📧 info@onlyformommies.com and we’ll reach you out.