Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Ideas 2021

Gender reveal parties are super popular these days and there are so many creative ways people choose to celebrate finding out whether they are expecting a sweet baby girl or handsome little man.  I love that it’s a great way to bring family and friends together to celebrate baby in an exciting way and whether it’s a surprise to everyone including mom and dad or just your guests, gender reveals are always a hit!  So, with that in mind, we put together a list of our favorite gender reveal ideas that are sure to be crowd pleasers every time!

    1. Bake Something 🧁 – Have a trusted friend or shop bake a cake, cupcakes and/or cake-pops and add either pink or blue so when people bite or cut into the treat, everyone gets to see and taste the reveal!  Another take on this- have fortune cookies or confetti cookies made to try something a little different!

    2. Make A Mess– I love the “messy” reveals and assume these would be especially fun when getting older siblings involved.  Use anything from paint, silly string, or even paint-filled squirt guns.  Get a piñata to smash or have a ball filled with colored powder that can be hit with a baseball bat!  Have fun making a mess with those pink or blue colours!

    3. Balloons, Balloons, Balloons– This is such a fun visual and can be done a few different ways! Have someone fill a box with balloons in either blue or pink and release them for everyone to see.  Another fun balloon idea is to get balloons filled with confetti and pop them and be showered with pink or blue!

    4. Make it a Show– Pyrotechnics and gender reveals are a thing, right? If they aren’t then they should be because these are some visually thrilling ideas!  Colored smoke bombs, sparklers and fireworks are all great ideas to leave a lasting impression on your guests!  We have even seen video of a homemade volcano gender reveal, which is another fun one for older siblings!

    5. Get Creative– As if the above ideas aren’t creative enough, there are so many other original ideas out there! Some of our favorites include a gender reveal scavenger hunt, colored bath bombs to drop in water, personalized scratch off cards, and baby clothes specific to gender unwrapped by the parents. 

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