What to expect in the 2nd Trimester?

What to expect? - 2nd Trimester

Being pregnant 🤰🏼  is a super exciting time and also a big change in your life with so many new experiences! Your body will go through so many transformations over the next 9 months.
A full-term pregnancy is 4️⃣0️⃣ weeks and can range from 37-42 weeks. With each trimester you are going to notice a variety of different changes in your body and a lot of symptoms.

Let’s see what can you expect in  the 2nd Trimester:

Yaay! 🎉  you made it to your 2nd trimester – for most this is the most comfortable time. Your second trimester is from weeks 1️⃣3️⃣ - 2️⃣7️⃣. You will begin to notice your first trimester pregnancy symptoms usually subside, you will likely feel like you have more energy and your baby bump may start showing! Now is a great time to start purchasing maternity clothing and share the exciting news with your family and friends. During your second trimester your baby will grow from the size of a lemon to a head of lettuce – weighing almost 0.8 kg (1.9 pounds) by 27 weeks. 

Common Symptoms: 

  • Leg Cramps 🦵🏼
  • Heartburn ❤️ 
  • Increased vaginal discharge 🧫
  • Dizziness 😵 
  • Skin Changes
  • Backaches 
  • Nasal Congestion 👃🏻 

During your second trimester you will likely feel your first baby kicks 👣– this usually happens around 18-20 weeks. Some screening tests may be performed, it is best to talk to your healthcare provider 👩🏼‍⚕️ about your family and medical history to see if there is anything that could put you or your baby at risk – your healthcare provider will be able to give you their best recommendations.

An anatomy ultrasound will be performed between 18-22 weeks! This ultrasound measures parts of your baby’s body – this is also when you can find out the gender ❤️💙 of your baby if you want – just let your doctor know prior if you would like to find out or not. 

Around 26-28 weeks you will be tested for gestational diabetes.

Most Mommies feel the best during their second trimester.

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