Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave?

Yaay! You are pregnant! Probably you are super overwhelmed already from the amount of questions running through your head (almost the same amount sd those raging hormones in your body). Somewhere on that list, no doubt, are questions regarding your career and these kinds of questions are completely normal and equally important.  After all, your job is your livelihood and unless you already work in human resources, you would have no reason to think about these things before this time.  No fear- thanks to legislation like the Family and Medical Leave Act  and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act -  women are much more protected than they used to be however, it is still important for you to know your rights as there are many loopholes in these acts that companies can take advantage of pre and post-pregnancy.  So, check out our list below, do research on your company’s policies and talk to your HR rep about any concerns you have, after you have reached a point when you are comfortable disclosing your pregnancy of course! Also- don’t forget to have your spouse check into paternity leave too!

  1. How will this impact my job and responsibilities throughout my pregnancy?
  2. There will be OBGYN check-ups throughout my pregnancy- how should I handle these if they are during work hours?
  3. Will Maternity Leave be paid?
  4. What is the max amount of time I can take off?
  5. Do I have to use PTO time?
  6. If I want additional time, how much can I get?
  7. What will happen to my job when I’m on leave?
  8. Can we formalize the maternity leave plan by signing a formal agreement?
  9. Is there any other kind of paperwork I need to complete?
  10. Am I still eligible for benefits while on leave?
  11. How do I add the new baby to my insurance plan?
  12. Is my job secure?
  13. Will I be contacted, if there is big news to share regarding the company/my position?
  14. Is Flextime an option after I return to work?
  15. Do you provide any childcare options?
  16. Where is a private place to pump in the workplace? (if you are breast-feeding)


Don’t forget to do your homework and know your rights! 

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