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Hospital Bag

Dear Mommies!

We want to help you in all possible ways we can, so we’ve collected all the most important items you’ll need during your stay in the Hospital. We’ve not only collected these items but we wanted to give you an explaination why are they on our list, so you can decide wether you need to pack that item or not.


- Nursing Pijamas: Things can be messy during giving birth, it is always better if you pack two Pijamas!

- Nursing Bras 👙: You are going to be super tired after giving birth, so you don’t want anything to hold you back. Just clip them down and you can feed your baby immediately!

- Nursing Tanks : Same purpose as the Nursing bras, it makes your ‘New Mommy’ life easier by not wearing those clothes which would hold you back in nursing.

- Going Home Outfit 🧥: It needs to be super comfy, mommies mostly choose oversized or maternity long clothes since your belly is still big for a couple of days or weeks after giving birth.

-Slippers and socks 🩴 🧦: You are going to have a lot of stuffs packed already, so just pack the one you can find in our Hospital Box 📦 ! Disposable, so is gonna be just right for the first couple of days. It has a lovely color to not to feel you are in a hospital provided slipper. Pack some warm socks since probably you are going to walk a lot before Baby would arrive, and you may feel cold 🧊 floor in the hospital.

- Delivery and Nursing Gown 👘 : A lot of unexpected things can happen to you (for example: epidural, fetal monitoring, more tests, etc) during your stay in the hospital. You are going to be in pain, and if it is not enough, for these procedures and test you are going to be naked in front of a bunch of strangers! You want to make sure that you are as much comfortable as you can be, so here is the best solution for you: Click here to get the best gown, not just for delivery, but nursing as well! 💕 



- Water Cup : You will need a water cup, since it’s gonna be hell waking up and going to the sink all the time after giving birth. And of course you will need a lot of liquid for breastfeeding.

- Playlist 🎵 : Can be super nice and makes you a bit relaxed during this hard time. We suggest to make a playlist 🎧 at least 5-10 hours worth of favourite songs 🎶 , specially those ones which have “quite strong instrumental”. Don’t forget to put some “slow and mellow” ones in the begining and the high-tempo ones when it’s come to pushing.
We also collected some songs for you if your playlist wouldn’t be complete yet:

  1. Pearl Jam – Just Breathe
  2. James Bay – Let It Go
  3. Regina Spektor – Don’t Leave Me
  4. Sigur Rós – Festival
  5. Death Cab for Cutie – Transatlanticism
  6. The Lumineers – Ho Hey
  7. Norah Jones – Sunrise
  8. Craft Spells – After the Moment
  9. Xavier Rudd – Follow the Sun
  10. Lucinda Williams – Fruits of My Labor
  11. John Lennon – Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
  12. Colbie Caillat – Capri
  13. D’Angelo – Really Love
  14. Milton Nascimento – Nos Bailes Da Vida
  15. Coldplay – Don’t Panic
  16. Fleet Foxes – Your Protector
  17. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps
  18. Kygo (feat. Maty Noyes) – Stay
  19. P!nk – Try
  20. Muse – Starlight
  21. John Legend – All of Me – Tiesto’s Birthday Remix
  22. David Bowie, Queen – Under Pressure
  23. U2 – With or Without You
  24. Wilco – Impossible Germany
  25. Arcade Fire – Wake Up
  26. R.E.M. – Nightswimming
  27. Patty Griffin – Heavenly Day
  28. Iron & Wine – Naked As We Came
  29. Beyoncé – Blue
  30. Johann Sebastian Bach, Yo-Yo Ma – Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1


There are so many things you are going to get in the hospital for Baby that it is really not necessary to bring half of the Nursery Room for the little one.
Even if you don’t bring clothes for Bebe, hospital is going to provide some. Of course you would like to take pictures, and you want to be prepared, so here is what we suggest:

- Going Home Outfit 

- Sleepers / Onesies



They don’t really need explantation, pack those daily toiletries 🧴 what you use at home. We suggest you to buy travel sized ones (since there are going to be a lot of stuffs you are going to take with you), but shampoo, bodywash, toothbrush 🪥 and paste are the most important, since most of the hospitals don’t provide any of them. If you like Makeup 💄  (for some it gives you extra confidence), don’t forget them at home, probably you will have energie for only the basic ones: cream for moisturizing, BB Cream or Foundation, Concealer and Mascara. 
You can find a super cute scrunchie in our 2nd Trimester Mommy Box, we suggest you to keep it with you all the time since ‘Bad Hair Day’s are coming..
Also a tip from us: If you are nursing, put the scrunchie on the same hand which side you are nursing from, so you can keep track on which side should you nurse from.



Dad will need his toiletries 🧴  as well what he uses on the daily basis. The other things he will need:

- Change outfit 👕 : also make at least 2 of it, you never know!

- Phone and charger: Super important, probably you are going to leave the hospital with 1000 pictures already 😍



- Phone charger 🔌  + extension cord: We know why do we need charger, but Extension Cords are super handy, since most of the time it is super hard to reach your phone while it is charging. It is gonna be painful this time as well, so make you life easier and get a cord in any dollar store!

- Pillow/blanket 🛌 : it really depends on you, some need these items from home, some are fine with the ones from the hospital. But it is true that it makes you a bit relaxed if you feel ‘home’ (not like you would sleep that night) 

- Car seat 🚗: It is clever to get the car seat for Baby around week 30-35, this is the product which is better if you have earlier, since almost all the other stuffs can be provided from the hospital or can get super fast if you would be in Labour earlier than your due date.

- Documentations 📄 : of course all of the documentiations will be needed, make your homework and make sure you have them all by the stage of hospital.

- Healthy snacks 🍪: We all know how is the food in general in Hospitals. Also you are going to be super hungry after giving birth, so is better if you have extra snacks in your hospital bag!

-Towel: same as the pillow, some like use their own, then we suggest you to bring your own towel.



If you don’t want to get them one-by-one (I mean if you can, since the best products are not always available in your country) get our Postpartum Box 📦 and Nursing Mommy Starter Kit Box 📦 

Otherwise here are the most important items (most of them, the hospital can provide, it is really important to ask your own hospital what can they provide you and what do you need to get yourself!

- Postpartum Undies 🩲 : You are going to get Mesh Underwears in the Hospital - for some it is comfy, for some „adult diapers“ are working better. Always Descret has a super Underwear Line which is perfect for postpartum -Find the Butique version in our Postpartum Box 📦 .

- Nipple balm 🤱🏼 : your breasts are probably going to be sore when you start nursing your Baby. We suggest you to take at least a small lanolin cream with you ( Find them in our Nursing Mommy Starter Kit Box 📦 ) when you go to the hospital. You can get a super organic lanolin-free nipple cream here.

- Perineal Maxi Ice Pads: You can make DIY padsicles - you need to buy pads, aloe gel, witch hazel gel- and you need to freeze them, then pack them  in the big rush when heading to hospital (if you are at home when your water break, otherwise you just waisted your time with it) and pray 🙏🏼 for a freezer in the hospital…❌
We have a better solution: get these ISNTANT ice pads or find them in our Hospital Box 📦 ! The convenience of instant cooling relief and absorbency of this Perineal Cold Packs is something every mother will appreciate. Just put them in your underwear, spray them with some recovery spray, and enjoy the instant cooling.

- Tucks: The other favourite Postpartum item is Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads. Place 2-3 pads on the top of your postpartum pads and enjoy the cooling effect. Get Tucks here!

- Perineal Recovery Foam: MomCareByLina‘s perineal healing foam is traditionally used for postpartum relief and to help soothe perineal discomfort before and after childbirth. Spray it on the top of your pads or Tucks.
Get them here or find them in our Hospital Box !

- Postpartum Pads: You are going to bleed up to 6 weeks, some of the women even longer. The first couple of days you are going to have super heavy bleeing (here you should wear Always Discreet Underwear) then around day 3-4 (all mommies are different, you can decide wheter you can change on „smaller“ pads) you can start to use Postpartum Underwears - get them here or find them in our Hospital Box 📦- the ones from The HoneyPot Company is an all time favourite between Postpartum Mommies. Super big, so it is absorbent, and with the herbal infusions it cools down your down area.
Your hospital is probably going to give you some pads as well, we suggest you to take as many as you can when you leave the hospital, since bleeding for weeks means a lot of pads!

We hope you liked the article, if that’s so, please show us your support, and share us with your friends!


Always here,
OFM Group

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