Top 10 Favourite Things To Do After Giving Birth

Top 10 Favourite Things To Do After Giving Birth

We all know how nice is being pregnant - you are growing a life, having a cute belly... But it can also kind of be the pits - there are so many rules and so many things you can’t do.  Do you like to have a glass of wine while soaking in a hot bath? Nope, can’t do either of those things for nine months!  We did a poll and below are the top ten items women couldn’t wait to do after baby 👶🏻 arrives.  Obviously, always check with your doctor before indulging full-steam ahead and/or if you are breastfeeding 🤱🏼 .  Enjoy!!



10.  Drink as much coffee ☕️ (caffeine) as you want- Baby is out and you can start drinking coffee again, which is good because you will need it!

9.  High Impact/Strenuous Exercise 💪🏻 - It’s weird how you miss a good sweat at the gym when you can’t do it, right?

8.  Take Birth Control 💊 - Not only will it help you not get pregnant once you begin having sex again (which can totally happen) but birth control also helps clear up skin and regulate your postpartum periods once they begin.

7.  Move/Lift something heavy without waiting for your partner to help: There is nothing worse than wanting to get stuff done but you can’t because you can’t lift/move furniture. Move that couch all you want now!

6.  Eat No-No Items: Sushi 🍣 , shellfish 🦐 , soft cheeses 🧀  and deli meats- sushi delivers to hospitals, right?

5.  Wear High Heels 👠  (and put them on by yourself!): Ah, high heels! Even if they aren’t your favorite, it’s still nice to slip on a pair when you are getting dressed up! On a side note, enjoy being able to tie your sneakers again also!

4.  Have a cocktail 🍹 🍸 - If you enjoy a beer or glass of wine, you are free to enjoy a drink again now! If you are breastfeeding 🤱🏼 , be sure and invest in some alcohol milk testing strips!

3.  Sleep on your stomach 🛌 : This was my favorite on this list. I was never as happy as when I was able to finally sleep on my stomach again. It was fantastic!!!

2.  Travel somewhere and get as much sun ☀️  as you want: I know, this one is kind of funny considering you just had a baby but who says you can’t take a tropical getaway with baby? You are free to travel-and don’t have to worry about getting too much sun/overheating!

1.  Long hot bath/Soak in a Hot Tub 🛀 : This was the overwhelming favorite- nothing like a hot soak in a relaxing bath. You just gave birth; you definitely deserve it!


What was the first thing you couldn’t wait to do after giving birth, other than snuggling your new baby? We would love to hear about it on our social media! @onlyformommies

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