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Hospital Essentials Birth Box

Hospital Essentials Birth Box

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Believe us, a lot’s gonna happen with you in this (hopefully) short period, this might be the most overwhelming time of all! What to pack to the hospital bag for the baby, and what to pack for yourself ?!

All you need to do is get ready for the baby’s arrival; leave the rest for us!

We prepared the most important items to bring to the hospital and use after at home!

The Hospital Essentials Birth Box contains:

  • 3x Instant Cooling Maxi Ice🧊 Pads: This whole box 📦 is about to make this period of your life easier. That’s why you can find this INSTANT Ice Pad here, you don’t need to freez your DIY padsicles, Shake them, Break them in half and enjoy the instant cold 🥶 feeling.

  • 1 pack of Postpartum Pads (10-12 pcs)🩸: These Maxi Pads are going to be your best friends during your first couple of weeks. You will need a much more absorbent pad than normally, so these specific pads are going to be in your bathroom for a couple of weeks after delivery.

  • 3x Disposable Underwear 🩲 : After giving birth the first 2-4 days are going to be super „bleedy 🩸“, so it is really important to feel as comfortable as you can. For some, mash underwear is too „hospitaly“, doesn’t feel good in them. That’s why we put these super absorbent Underwears in our box 📦. To Use: Bow indicates front. Step in and pull up like regular underwear. To Dispose: Slip off and throw in trash. Do not throw in toilet.

  • 1x Peri Bottle (300 ml): Forget those „ketchup bottles“ your hospital provides you! This bottle gets where it needs to and leave your hand clean. No more mess, super comfortable to use and keeps your down-area clean and wipe-free!

  • 1x Perineal Healing Foam ☁️: With organic herbs 🌿  traditionally used for postpartum relief and to help soothe perineal discomfort after childbirth. Apply them on top of the pads (or TUCKS) or use them directly on the effected area.

  • 1x Disposable Slippers 🩴 : Before and after you gave birth you will need to walk quite a lot, so packing a slipper is mandatory. You are going to have a lot of stuffs packed already, so just put this one into your Hospital Bag! Disposable, so is gonna be just right for the first couple of days. It has a lovely color to not to feel you are in a hospital provided slipper. We suggest you to bring warm socks 🧦 with you, especially in the winter ❄️ time. 



S-M: Jeans size: 36-44, Waist size: 71-102, Weight: 52-86 kg

L-XL: Jeans size: 44-54, Waist size: 97-127, Weight: 77-118 kg


F.A.Q Mommy Boxes

Does the box really contain everything that I will need?

Thanks to the numerous feedback from a lot of Pregnant and „already“ Mommies, our own experience as well as the input of our midwife and numerous hours of research, we have created a box that only contains products that you really need. All products create real added value, are multifunctional and durable. Perhaps you already have one or the other product (especially for the experienced Mommies), then the products can also be wonderfully given away to friends. Our box creates a good basis, but it may well be that you have very individual wishes or preferences. Our boxes primarily cover all the stages of pregnancy (trimesters), postpartum period and the nursing stage. Just browse through our shop, and find the best Mommy Box for your current pregnancy or mommy stage. Also, if you ran out of some of the products, find them in our individual collections.

What else should I buy?

With your boxes you are well looked after for your pregnancy and postpartum period. We tried to put all the essential products in our Mommy Boxes, but of course every Mommies are individual and unique, maybe you will need some other items to pamper yourself through this period. We recommend pregnant pillow(s) for the Pregnancy Period. We also suggest you to get some extra Postpartum pads. Depending on how breastfeeding works, you may need additional disposable nursing pads over time. Everything else is very individual. Talk to your midwife about it and browse through our product range.

If I love a product out of the box, can I buy another one?

We also sell some of the products separately and have also created a carefully selected range of products in our web shop. Take a look in our individual collection. 

What do I do if I have already bought some products?

Most of our products are „hard to get“ items, coming from the US or UK. We tried to collect these well known and tested products together and bring them to you. If you have one or the other product twice through the box, then these can also be given away as gifts. A pregnant friend will definitely be very happy about it.

What is the value of the box?

If you would buy the products individually, you would pay significantly more than you pay for our box. Some of the products are not that easy to get, others again - such as our information and guides on the subject priceless;) We guarantee you will receive a box that is fully packed with high quality, very valuable and durable products. Most of them (around 95%) are full sized products, except with the kit boxes. These boxes value are from €80 - €120.

Can I return the box if I don't like the contents?

Unfortunately, due to the personal nature of the products, we are unable to accept returns. However, if you or her are unsatisfied, or recieve the wrong product, please reach us here to discuss options for making it right.

What if I have questions about individual products or their use?

Then contact us here! We look forward to helping you.


Please be aware that we want to give you the best and highly rated products on the market or the ones we think is worth to support as a small business. In that case the Brands (not the type of products) can be different than on the pictures.Disclaimer: While we have brought together recognised pregnancy safe products each pregnancy is so very different and unique to you so please always discuss with your healthcare provider before trying a new product.

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